A Sergeant Speaks

I have led an uneventful life, yet I have cheated death or disaster more than once {as had my father}. I have been offered a table of opportunities yet passed it by. Neither a follower nor a leader I am a Sergeant and your guide. A worthless sinner and an authentic fool I am a traveler with some wisdoms, numerous eccentricities but few bad habits. I reign alone, a servant, between private persons of the low; stand-ins and captains at the head. And this is my book...

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Chinese Food Dream

The gold-mine on Monkey Mountain was actually a dirt-pit sprinkled with nuggets. Since I was the only one with any recollection of this, it lead to an appointment through the NYSE to the Royal Commissioner or “RC.” Armed with a badge and pistol he claimed it was his purpose to root out insider-trading. I suspected his office was a sham and he himself was deranged but what could I do?

I met the Aztec woman in the decaying courtyard. 

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Thinking about it

On a light-rail train: young couple with small child. She had sensual lips but also a slight mustache. -- I remember Velora: Reddish hair, gray-green velour coat, head under an umbrella. -- The circularity of life, adding and subtracting people who only stay constant in the non-linear space in your head.--  Who was it who said about her: “She had an ass like two enormous pumpkins; a vegetarian work of art?” Velora, of course, I've made up as I don't think I ever knew her actual name. I had an assignment from Easton and had to report to someplace downtown. I felt depressed already.

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Doorway Woman

Lawns and homes rolled by framed by the car windows. The light burnished by the dry, comfortable air, was late enough in the day to bring out pastels. The sense of life as an artwork caused a reverie for him. He tilted his head and touched his jaw as if restraining a conversation he could have with someone not present. They stopped at St. Benedict's for a non-denominational service.

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Sgt. "Cane"

I went to the V.A. and complained about my feet hurting. I got an appointment to podiatry and then had a bunch of x-rays taken. Nothing happened for some time and when I went back to my team physician and complained again I was given an adjustable cane made out of aluminum tubing, and a couple of scripts: More tramadol and naproxen. At first I was angry, but started using the cane as a joke. I fell over it once and it took some practice to use it correctly. People got out of my way and treated me better too, -- a kind of trade-off to losing sex-appeal. It was a great prop for not having to stand around on aching feet; a great excuse to sit down.

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The arresting melancholy of art

It’s impossible to re-experience one single memory: That mean-spirited, grizzled Folonari with his crappy old car and seedy apartment, the bastard who stole my father’s Army picture as a ‘joke.’ I thought I saw him walk by the laundromat with that 6 scotch gait of his. I caught up with him after the intersection. If he hadn't been talking to himself I might have punched him in the back. I called his name, he half turned and recognized somebody, though probably not me. I tried to get a recollection out of him. He remembered my father.

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Worlds in Transition

Oct 21 - Nov 1
I was running a video digital photo business as well as computer services, offering system backups to companies in the building. The building was a modern two-story building with large glass windows. Yet I put no tapes in the backups, oh well. Then, I got involved with mortgages through an office on the second floor. There was little supervision in that office. At one point I thought I heard somebody machine gunning existing managers {off-screen}, possibly as part of a video game.

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Education and Medical efficiencies

It’s a bucolic college campus suggestive of Oxford 80 years ago. The head of a secret fraternity at ‘Libby Hall’ a fellow with curly, dirty-blond hair who has taken to wearing paper masks and hats claimed he

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Name Change

Mort D. Kyelkyon decided to Anglicize his surname but was uncertain whether to use Nobody, Somebody or Anybody. Eventually he decided on Someone and dropped his middle initial becoming Mort Someone. Most people mispronounced his last name saying 'Some-ee-own.' So he changed his last name to Anyone.

49 Clues

An alternative-reality adult-play game has gained tremendous impetus as a result of the search for the growing metaphyscial belief system known as re-dedication or re-combination. Two contractors have told me that bizarre clues showing up in the game are also

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