Dark Meeting

Night in the city. Carrying a television set, I pass Police in the ‘work-tunnels.’ I blend in and am temporarily be-friended by an intoxicated police detective who escorts me to a beautiful, dark haired woman’s yellow-hued, palatial home. She may have been an actress at one time. The detective had gotten sick and splattered me slightly, which I rinsed off with a garden hose. C had bought a much more moderate {but roomy} urban home nearby which I returned to ... A party of elegant ‘swells’ were gathering for a wedding celebration. I left, putting the TV down in the foyer and stopped at a bar where I spoke to no one.

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An hour in the Life

Walter insisted on the early Mass every Sunday, and seemed to belittle those who weren't as disciplined in attendance as he. All the children were in the car with him attempting not to fidget. He didn't say very much, though occasionally, he admonished one of them. None were too happy about going.

Tanaga Bay, Aleutians

There were two air-crashes he thought he should discuss with the DPMO analyst. Yet he hesitated and recovered his thoughts. The aircrew heading for Tanaga Island had crashed, but if there were no survivors he would not exist. It was crash east of Phu Bai he had come to inquire about.