Illicit Pharmacology

A new designer drug produced from ingredients modified at the molecular level using acetaminophen, pregabalin and an alpha-blocker produces prefrontal cortex and parietal lobe activity as it slows motor response delivering a semi-awake rich-dreaming experience. Usually made in capsule form it is emulsified with Omega 3 fatty acids for better absorption. On the street the drug is known as “Gamer.” It's popular with the 'wired,' the avant garde as well as with with 'grunts' and military contractors


Caught Watching

She was of good size and capable; bursting with energy. The restaurant was busy and she bustled about. When a table emptied she cleared it herself. I watched idly, engaged by her form and confidence. She saw me and smiled.

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Run Ragged

None of the clues worked out. I ended up walking miles from my destination, than rode atop a bus into a flood zone. I climbed a retaining wall, ignored a mountain lion floating by on a broken door. Was forced to half-drowned a nasty dog by the snout to induce him to be more friendly; --which turned out to be foreshadowing... Finally reached hilly land; an upscale neighborhood too! Very

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