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WASHINGTON DC - Undisclosed sources report that an investigation has been authorized to locate the distribution network for the manuscript or e-book outlining the belief-system of re-combination or re-dedication which had taken on a cult-like status among several elite special operations military units. In a short period of time the belief has also spread to command and control units in the Air Force and Navy as well as drone operations at C.I.A.

Rumors indicate that graduate students at several prestigious scientific and engineering schools have also been sharing files relating to this philosophy. The investigation pays per diem and is open to all cleared Federal Agency staff and is available for "moonlighters" at C.I.A. and State as well as defense and intelligence contractors.


The DPMO analyst spoke with Rick about his missing "loved one" in the lobby just outside the Regency Ballroom where the Department of Defense was hosting a regional meeting for families with relatives in the military who were missing in action {and presumed dead}.

The first question Rick had was what "Death by Misadventure," meant. The Analyst, an Iraqi-War veteran, hesitated then gave an example based on his understanding: "Well, for instance, if you are on the battlefield engaging the enemy and you step on a... land mine {he almost said I.E.D.} then it's a death under hostile circumstances; explosive or mine. If you're shot during an action its death by hostile fire; gunshot or small arms. If you are sleeping in your quarters and an enemy rocket or mortar kills you its still due to hostile caues; indirect fire: rocket, mortar or artillery... though these things are not always uniform and it my be said to be due to fragmentation." He saw that he was giving the civilian too much information; which was a problem he had in individual conferences. "Let's say someone went outside the wire of their camp... beyond the perimeter while off-duty and triggered an enemy device; that would be hostile; by misadventure." -- "Why would they go outside?" Rick wanted to know. The analyst didn't want to say to smoke dope, or chase women so he shrugged, "Maybe to explore..."

Then they turned their attention to the Family Conference Case Summary Information report which was most unusual:

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Constant War

I have a pistol. It’s made out of plastic. The chamber and barrel are ceramic as well as the bullets which are Teflon-coated. It uses cartridge-less ammunition, so there is no ejection mechanism. It’s simple. Accuracy and penetration diminish rapidly after 30 meters but that’s okay; I probably couldn’t hit anything past that. The pistol will

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Travel 'Lite'

Either keep both hands free or one for the metal folding cane with the reinforcing shoulder-bolt. It's street-legal and could hurt. No need to bring daily underwear; skivvy-shorts can be hot-heated with a hair drier to kill stinko-bacteria. Just wave em around to cool before putting 'em back on.

From the hotel window I look

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On the TV

A very small planet that was very hot on one side was leaving the vicinity of the earth and heading toward colder space. Known aliens were aboard. One was Paulette who was possibly double-jointed with a sallow complexion, brown eyes, mousey-brown hair and a longish nose. Her hands may have shown the forerunner of arthritis. ...

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