An Asian invasion of a largely deserted New York City was imminent. I was slowly and haphazardly preparing things for packing and transportation. Several small boxes and cases holding keepsakes or writing or maybe money were opened before a larger box that I intended to put into my car trunk.

Seemed to be in the first floor apartment/flat being shared with other Air Force enlisted men. Joe went uptown to be with his girl friend. Bill who was tall and looked

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The city

1964 in the city -- the people were young and the buildings were old. Whores were harder to find, though maybe you needed to know where to look. Women had bigger asses and smaller waists [a change since 1944]; people worked harder and ate more potatoes. Most of the structures were decrepit but still crowded with offices or apartments. One day they would be demolished. Businesses: Typewriters, filing cabinets full of carbon-copies; small brokerages, private investigators, furriers, hat-makers facing bankruptcy, dealers in everything, quite a few printers, bakeries, laundries, lots of people with lots of little jobs. It was warm though slightly overcast. Couldn’t stand around and gawk unless you had friends to do it with; less chance of getting laid than beaten up. A few men in uniform -- must of been before August no thought of being at war; these guys were neither visible nor invisible; what everyone knew is that they didn’t have much money. Things were wild yet alive. The old was still OK even if taken for granted. If you could read and tell time and were willing to commute you could find a job,get a place to live and save for a car;

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The Instinctive Force Behind Ideology

by Juan Mendez

In applying Dr. Zend's analysis to institutions of human behavior, 24 graduate students at Drewson University have arrived at a computer model that breaks down many of our inter-social patterns with surprising results.

The basis for all human ideologies are derived from Chimpanzee nut-gathering behaviors.  Socialism? An encouragement for the lazy and stupid to survive on a limited availability of nuts jeopardizing the survival of those better adapted for evolutionary change. Cronyism? The wise investment of favors for both mating purposes and folks to watch your back. Otherwise the most aggressive and manipulative would keep all the nuts.

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Past Radiation

by Noobi

Much of the data that the Imager returns is considered of little consequence, if not scientifically worthless. In fact the Imager project considers this vast array of data to be an embarrassment to a project that has cost a trillion dollars. I was able to take a look at some of the random "captures" headed for the delete-bin.In one of these "captures" the subject appears to be a teenage boy.

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Space-Time and Hitler

Scientists at the Imager claim to have deciphered an event from the end of the World War. Dr. Constantine Virgo and Dr. Nancy Liu in a paper presented to the 75th Symposium of Gravitational Mechanics claim that certain violent events can distort the fabric of Space-Time in unusual ways.

When Reich-Marshal Hitler commited suicide in the chancellory bunker he may have unraveled his own past-loop. At the moment of his departure from life he experienced the outcome of a change that traveled back to 1932. Instead of the chancellory building, Hitler was transported to an alternative conclusion in which the very space he had inhabited switched to a different

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Will Our Curiosity Lead To Our Destruction?

An obscure researcher named Dwight Hammond has offered the thesis that most of  the "U.F.O." sightings from the past are actually sightings of phenomena caused by the Imager's current gathering of past data and visual radiation.The Imager project management team said firmly that "there is no perceivable intrusion upon the past in witnessing it." Hammond rejects that. "How could we know that? It may not happen all of the time, but under certain conditions."

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Scattered Analysis

by Hero Heeto

Data from the Imager went into overdrive this weekend. Many of the reports are listed below:

Meeting between a Sheik known by his Title: 'Father of the People' and a Hittite Realtor circa 1400 BC concerning a land deal. Nobody wore robes.

Contradictory admonitions from a {or several prophets/lay teachers} in Judea circa 30

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Contemporary Dimensions

by Noobi

His appearance is deceiving. At only 33 and a graduate of the best schools for theoretical physics in the world he

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Employment Opportunities

Thousands are still needed. Sign up today with the U.S. Energy Force at the Department of Homeland Security. Highest paying jobs require work at 'altitude' [about 30%]. The remaining duties are 'terrestrial.'

Your Life-long education

855 courses are available via flash-drives through the U.S. Federal University at modest cost. Hands-on training offered at 1900 public and private centers across the nation. Medical training for all specialties can be obtained at all 12 regional teaching hospitals; warning: Large classes!

Sergeant's Brotherhood

ELKSBORO INDIANA - Very little is known for certain, but several eyewitness accounts have surfaced relating to the Sergeant's Brotherhood, a secret fraternal organization. In the dark of a moonless night on a rural road, two files of members marched very slowly left hand forward on the person's shoulder in front singing an atonal American song vaguely reminiscent of the French Foreign Legion's marching song 'Le Boudin.' The motto of the organization is: 'Of Service.'