Redemptive sub-Behaviors

Tired of the chicanery in the bond salesroom, I removed my business cards and left. In the small conference room near the stairs one of the team leaders was complaining about an inadequate confederate: “He’s a numbskull so mixed up with basic honesty as to be useless to the cause.”

After leaving the Art-Deco farmers market I parked near the ocean. Walking across from the boardwalk a  political-type figure lectured residents ...based on the size of burnt-cork looking “coprolites” on the surf -- about potential wave-height and how they should set their dikes. Failure to do so correctly could result in property-confiscation, fines etc. No one paid any attention.

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Rick was dismayed to return after the party and find such a profound mess. It was dark and cold but it seemed that the driveway, small side and back yards will full of garbage. Almost everything he didn't need but had stashed in the cellar was somewhere on the first floor or outside. His eyes adjusted and he began working methodically at corralling the mess for disposal. Fortunately he had at least 50 empty trash bags to work with. For a moment it seemed his glee at conquering the profusion ran counter to the holiday spirit. He stopped humming but maintained his pace. As dawn was breaking the last of the refuse strewn on the old back porch was stuffed away.

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