Memories that are in error

Why it came to mind I don't know; a particular movie star dead for decades: One Internet article had claimed certain of his endowments were questionable... an article appearing later claimed otherwise. The first article made me feel sorry for the guy; the second article made me doubt journalism as being no better than hear-say. But what if this was just another clue to a branching of worlds; two varying realities; or a seep-through of consciousness-particles [ still not found by the Hadron Collider ] from a different universe?

I watched the boy moving his character through a 3D world on the PC and walked to the kitchen, thirsty but wondering if I wanted something hot or cold. I decided on cold but opened the microwave door instead of the refrigerator. My game-line was deteriorating. I was a more involved simulation with a billion levels of complexity; most of which I can not understand, [nor am I supposed to]. Perhaps a high-end simulation may understand that it is a simulation! To understand the game might abort run-time. It was time for a strong drink.


In the cramped, dim, urban office of T.B.L. Cain, a welder and former sergeant, this reporter was offered some insight into the stealthy investigation of the re-combination principles sweeping lower to mid-level N.C.O. ranks of the armed-forces and scientific intelligentsia. Mr. Cain said he had lost his copy of the work but remembers being struck by several lines when he first read it. "--They sounded like part of an email I sent my cousin Gil... We Cains have been long involved in the physical parameters of civilization having been inventors in both the bronze and iron ages; I know that sounds pretentious if not outright crazy... but as I wrote Gil, civilization depends on a core of brotherhood which currently seems missing. And how better to re-institute it than by professional techno-warriors who have no stake in class or money?

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International Correspondence Course

Will soon be available for online enrollment. Student learning objectives include the following: 'The student will be able to compose and disseminate textual information relating to economic, political, social and military events around the globe. Such information made available through blogs, podcasts, social networks or email subscription lists may accompany mobile video or be used independently to enhance situational awareness of changes in the human or environmental conditions of the world.'