The manuscript was first reported in Area 49, but not in the safe, where materials marked and registered with Top Secret inventory numbers were kept. Most likely it was found in a barrack's locker. As it was said to have been in the possession of Sgt Cain it was most likely in the security-forces living quarters. It is unlikely that Sgt Cain was the author. Perhaps another sergeant wrote it or wrote parts of it. There are no mathematics associated with the concepts of parallel worlds but either it was copied from someone familiar with the physics of the subject or just prescient in its guessing.

When asked about the meaning of the title Cain said that he thought it was about "urethras." Possibly he was joking. Experts claim part of to be an homage to Thomas Hobbe’s writing about the social-contract as a basis for civilization, Leviathan published in the 17th Century. There are also references to Plato's Republic.