Doorway Woman

Lawns and homes rolled by framed by the car windows. The light burnished by the dry, comfortable air, was late enough in the day to bring out pastels. The sense of life as an artwork caused a reverie for him. He tilted his head and touched his jaw as if restraining a conversation he could have with someone not present. They stopped at St. Benedict's for a non-denominational service.

It was a modern church with much glass and light. Later they went to the the V.A. clinic, and all the former troops piled out of the limo. He had two appointments, one for meds and one with his therapist. He recounted a few recurring dreams; especially the one about being abandoned in the hospital between surgeries. The Therapist told him some encouraging things which he quickly forgot. He took a taxi-cab downtown and thought about the hot places. Suddenly in a doorway he saw her.