This Happens

I read this off the Frag-Wire which is raw data and unreliable:

A small team of enlisted military; maybe four men, one woman went rogue. Using SEAL training they rampaged through a shopping mall. Later, they headed up to a rocky, mountain area where one of them dragged the others on a large flat piece of wood across hundreds of yards of rocky terrain to avoid leaving tracks.

One of them is squat with short blond hair and glasses. Neural-bio efforts to reverse a few ‘gay’ circuits in his head have made him psychotic. Earlier he confronted his therapist along with his mates and several unknown confederates. They had attempted to reach down the therapist's mouth to grasp his innards. The therapist bit him, alluding the grasp and using several moves overwhelmed the mob holding them back with a 9mm pistol and capturing the psychotic one for further evaluation. But a day later, Psycho-pants escaped from the Marine Brig by kissing a guard till the latter collapsed from asphyxiation.

Between assignments I find myself back in the Air Force and bummed about saluting, putting up with major bullshit and not earning $3,000 a month